Best Compound Bow Under $500 (In 2021)

Best Compound Bow Under 500

Hey there and welcome to this comparison about the best substances out there!
In order to offer clear comparisons for the following models that I have selected for this Best Compound Bow For Under $500 report, I took seven important criteria and evaluated each model based on these elements. I hope that these will assist you in choosing which one is finest suited to your requirements. Every criterion can get a maximum number of 5 points. The final score is determined by dividing the overall amount of points attained by 7, which is the overall quantity of requirements.
ImageNameRH/ LHLBSDrawFPSRatingPrice







Diamond Infinite Edge ProInfinite Edge ProRH & LH5-7013″ -31″ 3105 Star RatingAmazon
Bear Archery Cruzer RTHBear CruzerRH & LH5-7512″ -30″ 3105 Star RatingAmazon
PSE MadnessPSE MadnessRH & LH50, 60, 7023.5″ -30″ 330Star Rating 4.5 Amazon.
Diamond CoreDiamond CoreRH & LH40-7025″ -30″ 313Star Rating 4.5 Amazon.
Genesis ProGenesis ProRH & LH15-2515″ -30″- Star Rating 4Amazon.
SAS RageSAS RageRH55-7026″ -30″ 270Star Rating 4Amazon.
Leader Accessories Hunting 50-70Leader Accessories 50-70RH50-7026″ -30″ 310Star Rating 4Amazon.
Barnett Vortex HunterBarnett Vortex hunterRH45-6026″ -30″ 280Star Rating 3.5 Amazon.
SAS SiegeSAS SiegeRH40-5529″ 206Star Rating 3.5 Amazon.
SAS SergeantSAS SergeantRH40-5527″ -29″ 235Star Rating 3.5 Amazon.

Whereever I subtracted points I attempted to provide a reason for doing so. Here are the requirements:.

Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Criteria.


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1 Introduction To The Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Comparison.
2 Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Criteria.
3 Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Comparison.
4 Diamond Infinite Edge Pro: Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Winner.
5 Bear Archery Cruzer: Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Winner.
6 PSE Madness: Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Second Place.
7 Diamond Core: Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Third Place.
8 Genesis Pro.
9 SAS Rage.
10 Leader Accessories Hunting 50-70.
11 Barnett Vortex Hunter.
12 SAS Siege.
13 SAS Sergeant.
14 Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Summary.
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This is about the general quality of the bare bow. Which products were utilized, where was it made, whether is it tough and well made, and so on etc? Nearly all models got an excellent rating for this requirement, as they all are made from the exact same excellent products like aluminum and modern-day composite.

The accessories are often times as crucial as the bare model itself, because without great add-ons, you will not shoot well. A lot of the designs that I have selected for this finest compound bow for under $ 500 contrast had actually really inexpensively made products consisted of– specifically when the bows had really economical rate points.

This is an essential criterion for this finest substance bow for under $ 500 contrast, as it determines how versatile the model is concerning various archers (age, strength) and how easy it is to adjust the draw length and the poundage (do you need a bow press for adjusting or not?).

This one is about if the design is offered for right and left handed archers. If it is only offered for righties, I subtracted 2 points.

All set To Shoot Out Of The Box.
This is very important for novices or individuals that don’t want to invest extra time and money for purchasing add-ons and changing everything. If among the very best compound bow for under $ 500 models is ready to be shot out of package, you literally can pick it up and begin shooting it. I did not subtract any points for loose or not pre-installed peep sights, because those need to be adapted to the specific archer. Exact same opts for a missing out on release help.

Reduce Of Use.
This requirement is everything about smooth draw cycles, solid back walls, generous let-offs and constant accuracy. Often times a good precision depends upon good devices, so I provided the points while presuming those add-ons are actually added to the design.

Obviously the cost is one of the most important arguments when choosing about buying a certain design or not. Just keep in mind that you will require to need to invest a lot more sometimes, particularly into the less expensive ones. Just include $ 100 or $ 150 to those models and compare from there!

Fact Sheet.
You will likewise find a reality sheet for every design evaluated within this best compound bow for under $ 500 contrast that contains things like its axle to axle length, brace height, net weight, whether it appropriates for searching and bowfishing etc. etc., so that you can find all those functions in one place to be able to make your own choices based upon certain facts. We likewise have a huge Best Compound Bow For Youth Comparison if you are searching for a model for your offspring.

I hope this short description assists you to comprehend my best substance bow for under $ 500 comparison better and I truly hope you will read it to the end, as there are a lot of pointers concealed in the text. The models are purchased by their last score, starting with the winner on top!

Finest Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Comparison.
Diamond Infinite Edge Pro: Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Winner.
Diamond Infinite Edge ProCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.

Functions Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is made only of high quality parts and is marketed as being made in the USA, so if you wish to support your nation’s industry, you can not do much wrong here. The riser is made from light-weight aluminum, the strong limbs from a modern-day composite product and the grip from tough, texturized rubber.

Accessories (4.5 ).
The add-ons that are included with this compound are all of a high quality and pretty good for starting out– they are not excellent, of course, however way much better than a great deal of the devices consisted of in other bundles. The only thing you might wish to switch out against a Whisker Biscuit or a Drop-Away rest is the Hostage XL Arrow Rest (that’s why I subtracted 0.5 points) that features the substance bow. But for starting out, you absolutely do not have to.

Adjustability (5 ).
The draw length of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro can be changed from 13 ″ to 31 ″ without using a press. If you wish to set it really short though, a bow press may make the process a lot much easier, because some of the bolts are– unfortunately– under the limbs, which implies that they are hard to reach with this one being under stress all the time.

The draw weight variety is from 5 to 70 lbs, which is rather excellent. This substance can actually grow in addition to a tween or teen for many years, if you buy it early enough. It has markings on the limb bolts, so in case it is shot by a number of archers, it is simple to keep in mind the different settings. The poundage can be changed with an Allen wrench by loosening up or tightening the limb bolts.

Use (5 ).
This substance is available for right-handed and left handed-shooters. Just ensure you select the right one!

All set To Shoot Out Of The Box (5 ).
I say yes, although the peep sight comes not installed to the string– that makes sense, on the other hand, as the peep requires to be adjusted to the individual shooter. You likewise need to get a release help for drawing back the string by yourself. As picking one is often times a matter of individual taste and personal shooting design too, it does not negatively affect my ranking. For me, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro definitely comes prepared to shoot out of the box.

Alleviate Of Use (5 ).
This substance is, due to the dual eccentric cam system, extremely smooth to draw and shoots– supplied you’ve got some skills– extremely properly. The webcam system is not aggressive at all, which makes it easier to shoot in particular, the strong back wall and the 80% let-off are actually great for newbies who need to concentrate on their correct kind when they are beginning.

With a net weight of 3.2 pounds it can be brought around easily for hours, which is a good idea in general. All the additional items will accumulate, however, do not forget that.

Rate (5 ).
With a cost around $ 350 you get rather some value. Bear in mind that you do not need to invest in much better add-ons– except for a Whisker Biscuit, possibly– which is not a common thing with those packages. Most of the time you need to invest another 200 dollars to make them comfy and precise shooters– but not in this case!

An emphasize of this model is its adjustability, though. With easy-to-do modifications it can actually be shot by anybody. Another emphasize is its infinity setting, which zeroes the let-off, so it can be shot by individual people– like a recurve– whithout tampering the draw length setting all the time.

Read the complete evaluation about the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro here => Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.
Bear Archery Cruzer: Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Winner.

Functions Bear Archery Cruzer.
Quality (5 ).
The Bear Archery Cruzer is made from high quality elements as well and– according to Bear’s marketing– is made in the USA. I always relate to the marketing of the companies, as you can not tell for sure that every single piece of a bow is made in the USA– however let’s presume it is like that, when they market with ‘Made In The USA’.

Devices (5 ).
The add-ons that include this model are simply great and there is absolutely no requirement to switch one out versus something much better– unless you pick to do so. Newbies can get it and start shooting right away.

Adjustability (5 ).
The range that is covered by this one is rather remarkable. The draw weight can be changed from 5 to 75 pounds with the included Allen wrench by tightening up or loosening the bolts that link the limbs to the riser, which is pretty easy to do.

The draw length ranges from 12 ″– 30 ″, which covers a great deal of draw lengths, and can be changed without a press. This is always a good idea– otherwise you would require to get your own press or bring it to a pro buy adjusting all the time.

Use (5 ).
This one is available in a version for right-handed and left-handed shooters.

Prepared To Shoot Out Of The Box (5 ).
The Bear Archery Cruzer is truly all set to be shot out of the box. It has whatever you require to get started. All you have to do is to adjust the peep sight and the D-loop to fit to your requirements and to get a release help. As before, that does not impact the score adversely here, as those things depend a lot on your body and your individual way of shooting.

If you don’t know how to adjust those things, please take it to a pro store. They will do it against a little charge.

Reduce Of Use (5 ).
The Bear Archery Cruzer draws extremely smoothly due to its MV double camera system, which works without flaws. With a little experience you will quickly get tight groups together without an issue, which makes this one an actually precise bow right from the start. It likewise has a solid back wall and a let off of 75%– both features benefit newbies or brand-new archers, as they can focus on correct form while holding the string back for aiming. The net weight of 3 pounds is quite light for a complete sized adult model, so you can carry it through the field for hours without getting tired prematurely.

Price (4.5 ).
For under $ 400 you will get a fantastic design that can grow with yourself or your kids for several years to come, thanks to its excellent adjustability. The add-ons are made from such a terrific quality that you undoubtedly do not require to invest in much better ones, which will save you around 200 bucks for sure, in my opinion. I deducted 0.5 points nonetheless, as the price is quite higher than that of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, which is a good alternative to this model.

Read the complete Bear Archery Cruzer review here => Bear Archery Cruzer.
PSE Madness: Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Second Place.

Features PSE Madness.
Bow Quality (5 ).
The PSE Madness is made in the USA by Precision Shooting Equipment, a well recognized American brand. Therefore it is effectively made from high quality products and components. It has an aluminum riser and long lasting split limbs made from a modern composite material. It feels tough, long lasting and strong.

Accessories (5 ).
The consisted of add-ons are top notch, so you don’t require to change something out for getting going right away.

Adjustability (4 ).
The draw length varies from 23.5 ″ to 30 ″. It can be adjusted quickly via a laser etched turning camera module without a bow press. If you draw more than 30 inches, this one is not for you.

The PSE Madness is readily available in 3 variations for different poundages: 50, 60 or 70. Every one can be changed by 25% of the selected variation, so the varieties are as follows: 37.5-50 pounds, 45-60 lbs and 52.5-70 lbs. The poundage can be changed with an Allen wrench by changing the bolts that connect the limbs to the riser.

Due to the fact that you need to select one version, I deducted a point as this is not that versatile.

Use (5 ).
This model is readily available for right and left hand shooters.

All set To Shoot Out Of The Box (5 ).
Absolutely yes! The Ready To Shoot (RTS) package includes only high quality accessories. You will find everything to begin shooting right away. The only thing you need to tie in is the peep, after you have actually adjusted its position on the string to your private needs.

Relieve Of Use (4.5 ).
The PSE Madness shoots very accurately ideal out of package. It is a quick and flat shooter, thanks to the incredibly quick Hybrid M2 Single Cam system. It draws quite smoothly, has a strong back wall (with a little creep at the back end, that’s why I deducted 0.5) and a generous release of 80%, that makes it a great choice for serious novices too.

Rate (4 ).
At first sight, the PSE Madness seems to be a bit pricey at around 500 dollars (that’s why I subtracted 1 point). On the other hand you don’t need to buy much better devices or extra items, which you generally pertain to the more inexpensive models. This one is really ready to be shot out of the box– plus ‘Made in America’.

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Diamond Core: Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Third Place.

Features Diamond Core.
Quality (5 ).
The Diamond Core is made in the USA also. It is without a doubt durable and solidly constructed and feels rather durable– a minimum of to me, due to the high quality materials that were utilized for producing it. The reflex aluminum riser will take some whipping, as will the E-Glass solid limbs (parallel style).

Accessories (4 ).
The add-ons that feature this one are rather all right. However the rest and the sight requirement to be switched out versus something much better. The Octane Hostage XL rest is kinda flimsy, so I would suggest you get a Whisker Biscuit or a Drop-Away rest as soon as possible. The Truglo 3 Pin Apex sight is made from plastic. It is alright for starting out but if you choose to go hunting at sunset a lot, you will need something better.

Adjustability (4 ).
The poundage range covers 40 to 70 pounds (not that flexible, there goes one point). That shows clearly that this model was constructed with adult shooters in mind, as a minimum poundage of forty might be too hard to pull for tweens or teens. An excellent function of this design is its inspection holes: As long as you have the ability to see them, the limb bolts are not backed out too much, which is a good thing for security reasons.

The draw length can be adjusted from 25 ″ to 30 ″ in half inch increments without utilizing a press. A teen can utilize it at the lower settings, but for a tween or kid it would not work that well, I fear.

Usability (5 ).
You can get the Diamond Core for righties and for lefties, as both versions are readily available.

All set To Shoot Out Of The Box (4 ).
In theory– yes. The add-ons are picked from the R.A.K. line of Diamond Archery/ Bowtech. This means Ready Aim Kill. The peep comes loose, naturally, as it needs to be adapted to the individual (some clients were grumbling about that, obviously without knowing why that is a good thing) and there is no release help included, which will not bring the rating down. I subtract a point nevertheless as the Octane Hostage XL rest that comes with this design requires to be changed out for getting excellent outcomes, which implies it is not ready to be shot out of package, in my viewpoint.

Ease Of Use (5 ).
The Diamond Core is very quiet and smooth to draw because of its single aluminum camera system that works like an appeal. It shoots extremely properly and tight groups are quickly achievable.

Price (4 ).
At around 400 bucks you will get a proven and checked system– due to the fact that it is a design of 2013– that was a great choice for thousands of archers and bowhunters some years ago, and which will be an excellent choice for today also. Its price dropped substantially currently, that makes it a real steal– if you do not insist on having the most up to date killer model, naturally. Due to the fact that you will require to purchase better add-ons, I subtracted one point.

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Genesis Pro.

Features Genesis Pro.
Quality (5 ).
The Mathews Genesis Pro is the larger bro of the Genesis Original (main model of the National Archery In The Schools Program). It is made by Brennan Industries, Inc. in the USA. This one is a competition quality model. It has an aluminum riser, composite split limbs and an aluminum web cam, therefore it feels rather strong and long lasting.

Devices (2 ).
There are none included with this design. Not even an arrow rest. As it is the ‘Pro’, they decided to let you choose what you wish to include and what not. Like I pointed out before already, a Whisker Biscuit or Drop-Away rest would make sense. I did not give zero points here, as there is– at lest– no crap including this one.

Adjustability (4 ).
The 10-20 lbs poundage is adjustable through an Allen wrench by loosening or tightening the limb bolts. The draw length variety is from 15 ″– 30 ″ and can be changed with an unique integrated draw stop innovation. Loosen the draw stop counter-clockwise until it is gotten rid of, put it in the preferred position and tighten again.

I subtracted one point because its poundage is pretty limited for adults, in my opinion.

Usability (5 ).
The Genesis Pro is available in a version for right-handed and left-handed shooters.

Prepared To Shoot Out Of The Box (2 ).
Not truly. You require at least an arrow rest and a nocking point installed (if you want to finger shoot it), prior to you can utilize it. This compound is meant to be finger shot like a recurve (The Genesis line is known for having no let go!), but nevertheless you could add all sort of add-ons like a stabilizer, D-Loop, peep sight, bowsight and so on

. Reduce Of Use (5 ).
The Genesis Pro draws very smoothly, appears to be well balanced and shoots very precisely. Thanks to the single webcam system– which makes it less loud and more accurate general– archers don’t need to mess around with tuning or tough hand shocks and because of the The Draw-Stop-Cam technology you also have a strong back wall there.

Cost (5 ).
With a price point of under 200 dollars this substance is a great option for newbies, competition shooters or leisure archers that want some quality. It is straightforward and does not need all the tricks of the other models, that makes shooting it a joy. It is a real American made reputable product that will serve you well for several years. It is not suggested to be used for bowhunting!


Thanks for reading this rather long contrast about the very best compound bow for under $ 500. I hope it assisted you to get a better overview over the present offered designs and make your choice about choosing one a bit simpler, as I understand how tough it can be to dig through all those designs out there.

If you are a newbie or simply starting, I would motivate you to likewise take a look at all the other evaluations on Anchor That Point.

Thanks for reading and shoot straight!